Last Saturday I had the chance to photograph an event at a local lounge with some talented artists, including Tim Jones and . It was so much fun working an event, and it was really a change of pace for me. I loved just taking shots without having to pose anybody. All I had to do was watch the performers be awesome and press the shutter button--and they sure were awesome!

The end of summer also means the end of my photography season. I have one more shoot to wrap up and edit, and then it's back to the books. The summer has so far given me a beautiful portfolio to start with.

We've all experienced it: that shocking photo that makes you look fat, ugly, or otherwise unattractive. On the other hand, there are photos that make us see ourselves in a new light: "Maybe I'm not so bad after all!" or "Look how happy I look!"

Picture Copyright Katie Bennett

Today three little ducks waddled up to my husband and I while he was getting ready to leave for work. They came up to us as if they knew us, ate our bread, and proceeded to nap in our front yard while I took photos. I was over the moon, but I think my neighbors must have thought I was rather peculiar while I was on my belly trying to get good angles.

While my husband and I were living in a small one-bedroom apartment, we had all sorts of visitors, including a neighbor who asked us for money in the middle of the night and a friendly "dumpster kitty," but we were never visited by ducks! It is such a joy to have a home where things like this can happen.

What about you? When was the last time nature surprised you and, most importantly, was your camera ready?

Copyright Katie Bennett